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Susy event management for Okean Elzy

Belveder, a leading event management company, took on the exhilarating challenge of organizing a massive rock concert featuring the iconic Ukrainian band, Okean Elzy, in Vienna. With an impressive guest list of 30,000 enthusiastic fans, the project demanded meticulous planning and expert coordination to ensure a seamless and unforgettable experience for all attendees.


Vienna, Gasometer


  1. Accommodation: Belveder meticulously arranged comfortable accommodations for the band members and their crew, ensuring a relaxed stay during their time in Vienna.

  2. Transfers: With the colossal crowd in mind, seamless transportation services were provided, ensuring the band's smooth transit from the airport to their hotel and the concert venue, eliminating any logistical stress.

  3. City Tour: As a special treat for the band, a captivating city tour was curated, allowing Okean Elzy members to explore Vienna's cultural highlights and landmarks.

  4. Ticket Sales Points: To accommodate the massive number of fans, strategically located ticket sales points were set up, making it easy for them to purchase tickets and enjoy the concert.

  5. Stage Booking: A top-notch venue with a capacity to accommodate 30,000 attendees was selected, offering the perfect ambience and acoustics for an unforgettable concert experience.

  6. Restaurant: Belveder arranged a sophisticated restaurant to cater to the band's dining needs, ensuring a delightful culinary experience throughout their stay.

  7. Technical Support: Given the scale of the event, comprehensive technical support was organized to guarantee flawless sound, lighting, and stage production during the concert.


With unwavering attention to detail and impeccable execution, Belveder successfully orchestrated a colossal concert that left a profound impact on both Okean Elzy and the thrilled audience. The event exemplified Belveder's expertise in handling large-scale productions and further solidified their reputation as a premier event management company in Vienna.

The event showcased Belveder's prowess in handling large-scale productions, solidifying their position as a premier event management company.

We, at Belveder, thoroughly enjoyed the exhilarating challenge of organizing this remarkable event. It was an absolute pleasure to bring together the Okean Elzy rock concert in Vienna. Our team's passion and dedication were fueled by the opportunity to create an unforgettable experience for all involved. We cherish the memories and look forward to embracing more thrilling challenges in the future.

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