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Auto Motor



for VW Top managers


VW Ukraine

Main Purpose:

Self-Motivation, Goal Achievement, and Resilience During Crisis


The primary objective of this incentive thematic tour is to ignite the passion for the automotive industry among our top managers at VW Ukraine, fostering self-motivation, goal achievement, and resilience during challenging times. The tour aims to immerse the managers in a car-themed experience and provide an opportunity to visit one of the renowned factories within the branch, thereby enhancing their understanding of the industry and inspiring their leadership capabilities.


A destination renowned for its rich automotive heritage, offering a perfect setting to explore the car culture and manufacturing processes.


4 days and 3 nights

Activities and Experiences:

  1. Factory Visit: Organize an exclusive tour of a Puch G factory, giving the managers a firsthand experience of the production process and insights into the classical automotive technologies.

  2. Thematic Workshops: Conduct thematic workshops on innovation, leadership, and resilience, tailored to the automotive industry context, empowering the managers to thrive in challenging business environments.

  3. Engaging Car-Themed Challenges: Arrange exciting car-themed challenges and team-building activities, fostering a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition among the managers.

  4. Inspirational Guest Speakers: A distinguished motivational expert will lead an empowering workshop on self-motivation, igniting a renewed sense of purpose. The workshop will equip them with valuable tools to navigate challenges and achieve personal and professional goals with resilience.

  5. Driving Experiences: Offer thrilling driving experiences with the latest sport models, allowing the managers to connect with the heart of the automotive world.

  6. Team-Building Dinners: Host team-building dinners at iconic automotive-themed venues, encouraging open dialogue and a sense of unity among the managers.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Heightened passion and enthusiasm for the automotive industry among top managers.

  • Strengthened leadership capabilities, aligned with the automotive sector's dynamic challenges.

  • Enhanced teamwork and collaboration among the management team.

  • Greater resilience and adaptability to navigate through crises in the industry.

Throughout the tour, our esteemed Top Managers were immersed in a carefully curated selection of extraordinary activities, each thoughtfully designed to provide an enriching and inspiring journey:

Day 1: 

  • Meet at Vienna Airport with our company representative holding a "Volkswagen" logo.

  • Transfer to Graz city (home to Puch G factory).

  • Lunch at Restaurant Landzait.

  • Workshop at the factory: Observe transmission assembly for military vehicles, explore repair processes, and have an opportunity to ride legendary cars.

  • Transfer to the hotel.

  • Check-in at the hotel, welcome cocktail at the reception.

  • Welcome dinner at the hotel restaurant, presentation of the program by BELVEDER team. Acknowledgment of achievements and expressions of gratitude to our staff (VW team). 

Day 2:

  • Breakfast at the hotel.

  • Gather at the "Tea House" for coaching session.

  • Coaching session begins.

  • Coffee break.

  • Continue with the coaching session.

  • Lunch at the hotel restaurant.

  • Depart for the driving circuit (sporty jumper, warm sports jacket, closed comfortable shoes).

  • PitStop briefing and team competition.

  • Rally KTM (each participant completes two laps).

  • Awarding of participation certificates by Ekaterina Serebryanskaya. Transfer to the hotel.

  • Meet in the hotel lobby for transfer to the restaurant.

  • Dinner at the restaurant.

  • Awarding of rally participants and "Mafia Party".


The workshop, led by Ekaterina Serebryanskaya, an esteemed Olympic champion, pedagogical candidate, lifecoach, television host, and creator of the OlimpicSystemTM achievement system, proved to be an inspiring and transformative experience for our team.

Themed "#SelfMotivation of Champions," the tailored training included the following key blocks:

  • Block 1: Introduction and Setting the Tone

  • Block 2: Understanding Personal Benefits from Company Success

  • Block 3: "360 Feedback" - Identifying Strengths and Competencies, Addressing Weaknesses

  • Block 4: Defining Aspirations and Goals for 2019 Block

  • 5: Team Contributions for Achieving Collective Goals

  • Block 6: Interactive Q&A and Feedback Session


Trough engaging activities and thought-provoking discussions, the workshop cultivated a renewed sense of motivation, individual empowerment, and a united drive towards shared success. The team emerged with valuable insights and a concrete action plan, poised to conquer new heights in the coming year.

Day 3:

  • Breakfast at the hotel.

  • Individual training session.

  • Gather at the hotel reception for departure to the driving circuit.

  • Briefing and overcoming obstacles in off-road vehicles on rough terrain.

  • Lunch at Red Bull Ring restaurant with a view of the Formula 1 track.

  • Visit to the Driving Center and Porsche competitions.

  • Transfer to the hotel.

  • Free time, spa visit.

  • Final dinner at the hotel restaurant.

  • Awarding of off-road rally participants.

  • Awarding of Porsche Kart winners.

  • Certificates to seminar participants.